Yamaha YHR-871DU w/Alexander ring. (extra flare available) #001071


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YamahaYHR871DU 1071 DR
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Yamaha horns that have been expertly cut with a Lawson/Alexander ring are SO much better than the stock instruments.  The Yamaha rings tend to be smaller thus keeping the horn from fitting into the more standard cases.  This horn is made of unlacquered yellow brass and is in fine condition (only a couple tiny dings could be found).  The compression is perfect, these are high quality professional horns.  Don't bother with the waiting list - this one is available NOW.  No case.

Also - if interested, the Sander Flare listed at $550 can be included with this horn for only $450!  (Contact me if you wish to add this to your order)

The inner tubes of all tuning slides are made of gold brass to emphasize the horn’s tonal clarity and depth. The main tuning slide also has a rounded shape that provides ideal blowing resistance for this class of instrument. The valve casing is made of Nickel silver for enhanced response and durability.

An orthodox Geyer style wrap is used with a medium size bell and relatively thick rim wire. The tone is rich and deep with a solid core.