Yamaha YHR 871DU #001215 LR


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Yamaha& YHR871 1215 LR
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Yamaha knocks it out of the park each time they come up with a new horn model.  They build upon previous successes and improve them.  The 871 is a descendant of the 861 (which I used to own and play!).  It's their custom Professional line and the quality is top notch.  The valves have a perfect compression reading and the horn is all original.  This horn is barely used and the price is over $500 off a new one.  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass with red brass inner tubes.  Adjustable finger hook and change valve lever mean you'll be comfortable no matter your hand size.
These horns are truly amazing.
No case (though I have plenty of Yamaha detachable cases available for free if wanted)