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Yamaha YHR 871D PROTOTYPE #Y131002 JS


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Yamaha YHR 871D PROTOTYPE #Y131002 JS
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This is truly a one of a kind professional horn by Yamaha.  It was owned by a principal player of one of the 'Big 5' American orchestras who took part in the 9 year long product testing for the 871 Custom series horn.  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass with a detachable flare.  I honestly don't know what the differences are between this prototype and the final version, but this horn was used often by the owner.  It still sports a perfect compression reading of 0,1.  There are minor dings in the flare, My guess is that this horn will skyrocket in value over the years due to it being part of "Yamaha History".  It's a great player and a cool own!

Yamaha detachable bell case included.