Yamaha YHR 868N #001003 EB


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Yamaha YHR 868N #001003 EB
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This unlacquered nickel Yamaha YHR 868N custom double is the best of both worlds.  If you prefer the sound of a Kruspe wrap but don't want to deal with the quirks of a Conn then this is the perfect horn.  Part of Yamaha's custom line of horns these are gorgeously hand crafted.  This one has been expertly converted to a detachable bell with a Lawson/Alexander ring so you can get it into any of the Marcus Bonna cases and not be limited by the height of the bell as you would if it had a Yamaha ring.  The valves have perfect compression, this is such an amazing horn!
Easily switched to stand in F or Bb.

Yamaha fixed bell case included.