Yamaha YHR 867KRD #2704


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Yamaha 867 #2704 SS
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Yamaha custom line doubles are amazing horns.  Gorgeously designed and built.   This is a very rare 867KRD model - NOT available in the U.S. it was hand carried here.  The stunning engraved garland on the bell (not available in America), beautiful lacquer job, and the dual plane change valve all contribute to the sound and ease with which this horn plays.  It's made of lacquered yellow brass and is all original.  It can easily be switched to sit in Bb, and it has a nickel Yamaha ringset..  The thumb lever is fully adjustable - this is a professional horn!
There are a few tiny dings and minor lacquer wear, and the main tuning slide has a few spots of dezincification.
Eastman detachable bell case included