Yamaha YHR 861D #01293


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Yamaha YHR861 1293 MH
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When Yamaha introduced the 861 in the early 80's I purchased the first one that came through the shop I was working at at the time.  It was my main horn for over 15 years - and I still miss it!  The 861 is a true 'Geyer' wrap, but Yamaha took that wrap and made it more comfortable to hold by making the 1st branch a bit elongated thus moving the valves further from the left hand.  This provides a perfect position for your left hand (unlike the Hoyer G10 models!!).  This 861 is in stunning condition.  It's unlacquered and is all original.  I could only find minor dings and one brace that is slightly pushed in.
This horn is a pleasure to play - and given that this model is in such high demand, it will continue to increase in value.
Yamaha fixed bell case included.