Yamaha YHR 668NDII #20650

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YHR 668N #20650 AM
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This is a great package.  It's a Yamaha YHR 668NDII with a detachable bell which has been well taken care of.  Frequent cleanings, dent removal etc - all to keep it in good condition.  It's made of laquered nickel, though some of the lacquer has been touched up at Osmun Brass where a dent was once removed.  As with all Yamaha horns - it's consistent and plays like most of the other 668's I've tried.  If you like are looking for an 8D style wrap but a horn that plays better, this is it.
All this AND it comes with a Marcus Bonna MB5 flight case.  A few small dings, some scratches in the lacquer, and that's about it!

Compression is 2.5