Yamaha YHR 668N #


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Yamaha YHR 668N # AF
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Yamaha horns are some of the most underrated instruments out there.  I find that their valves are among the best ever made. This YHR 668N has fabulous compression (0.5) so it has all its life before it still.
This horn is made of lacquered nickel, it has lots of dings, and scratches.  The fingerhook has been re-positioned and there is evidence of former dent removal - that being said - it plays wonderfully.  The good thing about buying a horn like this for your high school or college player is that you don't have to worry about them putting in their first small ding! ;)
The 668 was made as an affordable and easier to play version of the conn 8d.  I find it far superior!

This horn includes a Yamaha fixed bell case.