Yamaha YHR 668N #11146


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YamahaYHR668#11146 JE
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When Yamaha decided to add a 'Kruspe' style horn to their stable they knocked it out of the park with the 668.  This horn has been in production for decades and still, like cream, rises to the top when compared to other similar wraps (8D, Hoyer 6802 - I'm lookiing at you guys!).
This one is made of lacquered nickel with a fixed bell.  It has perfect compression (0.1) and has an added Alexander Flipper/Duck's foot.
There is signficant lacquer wear (and some pitting at the hand guard area), though that is all cosmetic.  Minor dings throughout - but because the compression is perfect this horn is in great playing condition.  Perfect double horn for those looking to move beyond their single F!
Yamaha fixed bell case included