Yamaha YHR 667VS #001753


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Yamaha 667VS 1753 WBM
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This custom Yamaha 667VS was initially sent to a 'customizer' who replaced the leadpipe and the bell.  The owner actually preferred it the way it originally was and had it converted back.  This speaks loads about how good these horns are.  This horn has had the lacquer stripped (except for the flare).  An Amado waterkey was added to the F side (in addition to the standard waterkey on the leadpipe).  You can still see all the places where the soldering was done - but the horn is nice and free blowing.  The compression is fabulous at 0.9 and the horn has the expected amount of minor dings here and there.  When it was reassembled the leadpipe was moved inwards a bit so that the horn is more comfortably played off the leg.  
An Osmun MB7 copy (not Marcus Bonna) case is included.
These horns are not longer made and have quickly become more desirable.