Yamaha YHR 567 #13598

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Yamaha YHR 567 #13598 LM
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It's a terrible feeling when you spend a LOT for an instrument for you burgeoning student/child only to have them put dents and dings in it.  What feels MUCH better is to save hundreds of dollars by purchasing a used model which plays just as well as it's more expensive 'new' bretheren.

This YHR 567 has a perfect compression reading of 0.1.  The valves have their entire life ahead of them and they are a main factor in how a horn plays.  This is a lacquered yellow brass Yamaha YHR 567.  As mentioned earlier it does have lots of tiny dings in it, and evidence of a broken brace (repaired) - but none of this affects the way the horn plays.

Perfect starting double horn!

Yamaha fixed bell case included