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Yamaha YHR 567 #026227 CW


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Yamaha YHR 567 #026227 CW
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The  nice thing about purchasing a used high quality double horn for your upcoming hornist is that you don't have to fret about that first small ding.  This Yamaha 567 has perfect compression and has a fixed bell (no fumbling or playing with a detachable bell for the younger players!).  The 567 has been a mainstay of youthful players for decades and Yamaha still has not tried to improve on it - why fix something if it's not broken?  
This horn is made of lacquered yellow brass.  The leadpipe is gold brass to ward off any dezincification more commonly found on student instruments (due to their typical lack of maintenance).  As mentioned in the opening sentence, there are a few smaller dings here and there in the bell flare, and assorted other places throughout the horn.  None of these are detrimental to how it plays, they are just cosmetic, and that will save you a LOT of money.  A new YHR 567 costs $1700 more.  SEVENTEEN HUNDRED!!  So, revel in those small dents, and take those savings and enjoy them.
This horn, if well kept, will keep increasing in value as the cost of newer ones keeps rising.  It's not only a good horn, it's a smart purchase.

Yamaha fixed bell case included.