Yamaha 881 Descant (Bb/High F) #1014


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Yamaha YHR881 1014 BS
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When Yamaha started making horns they mostly took other designs and ran with them, but over time they started to become a leader in new designs.  The Yamaha 881 Descant is a perfect example of that.  From the long change rotor valve, to the entire wrap - this is a custom designed instrument.  The 881 Descant is highly sought after in professional circles.  Gorgeously made - tight valves (this one has perfect compression) and that amazing sound that comes from an unlacquered yellow brass instrument.
This horn is unlacquered, fixed bell, and all original.  There are NO thin spots, no patches, in fact, this horn was barely used.  There might be a ding or two somewhere on this horn, but I couldn't find one!

You'll save well over a grand over the cost of a new 881!
Yamaha fixed bell case included.