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Alexander 102ST compensating Double

Alexander 102ST Compensating Double; Alexander 102ST Compensating double horn
Used French Horn Alexander 102ST; used horns for sale.
Price: $3,000.00

This is an Alexander 102ST which is a compensating double horn.  This means its very light in comparison to a standard double - making it great for chamber or opera work.  This horn is made of unlacquered yellow brass which was recently chemically cleaned (not by me).  The valves have fair compression, but the horn does have a great high range.

An Alexander fixed bell case is included

Alexander 103G Double

Alexander 103G horn for sale
Used Alexander French Horns for sale
Price: $4,995.00

Most horn players were weaned listening to the fabulous artists from German, and most of those artists were playing Alexander 103 horns.  This one comes from the Metropolitan Opera where the owner took fine care of it.  It's an older Alex with mechanical linkages, and the compression reads 3.5 (8 is the worst possible score).  Great dark tone... gorgeous slurs due to being made from lacquered RED/Gold brass.

Alexander Fixed bell case included.

Alexander 103GD

Alexander 103G Detachable Bell; Alexander 103GD
Alexander 103 French Horn; Classic German made Alexander 103G
Patch inside alexander 103G; Picture of Patch inside flare
Price: $3,700.00

An oldie, but goodie - that's how I'd describe this 103G detachable bell Alexander.  The valves have lowish compression, but the horn plays quite nicely and has a great classic sound.  There are a few patches/guards up at the top where one would carry the horn, and another larger patch inside the flare.  The leadpipe has the European tapered shank.

'Guppy' reading: #3 (out of 8, with 8 being zero compression.)  Anything over 2.5 begins to feel a bit 'swimmy'.  A brand new horn will have a reading around 0.5-1.


Amati Double Horn (Lidl style) $1800

Amati Double Horn (Lidl style) $1800
Price: $1,800.00

Lidl style Amati Double French Horn - very unusual wrap, in exc. condition. $1800.00

Conn 6D #GL740040

Used Conn 6D french horn; Conn French Horn model 6D
Used Conn French HOrn model 6D; Conn 6D french horn
Price: $1,495.00

The Conn 6D has been a workhorse for almost 100 years in the horn playing world.  Many pros used them early in their careers.  This 6D is a perfect and affordable beginning double horn.  The valves have pretty good compression, and though the horn is full of dings, it plays just fine.  Don't waste your money on a rental instrument!

Conn fixed bell case is included.

Conn 6D Eastlake (40 343092)

Conn 6D french horn for sale
Used Conn 6D French Horn for sale
Price: $2,200.00

This used Conn 6D is in great shape, has tight valves (0.6 on the Guppy tester!) and is priced for a quick sale.  It was made in 1990 in the Eastlake Ohio factory, and it's a perfect 1st double horn for any player.

A Conn fixed bell case is included.

Conn 8D #N47204

Conn 8D for sale, used
Used Conn 8D for Sale, Elkhart
Price: $4,000.00

This Conn 8D is all original (with the exception of a waterkey).  Played professionally in the New York City Opera, it has been well taken care of.  It has the usual lacquer wear, though not the usual deep, deep pitting that many 8D's have.  The valve compression is a 1.9, which is quite good.  There is evidence of minor repairs (resoldered joints).  It may not make you sound like Jimmy Chambers, but it will point you in the right direction.  Conn Fixed Bell case included.

Conn 8D (Elkhart) #848164

Conn 8D 800,000 series; Early Conn 8D 800,000 series
Elkhart Conn 8D 800,000 series";Elkhart Conn 8D french Horn
Price: $4,000.00

Dating from 1960 this is a real 'Classic' 8D.  It is all original and has had the valves rebuilt.  There is none of the 'usual' bell damage, and the majority of the lacquer has been removed.  This horn was previously owned by Myron Bloom in 1971 while still principal horn of the Clev. Orchestra.

Conn Fixed Bell case is included.

Conn 8D (Elkhart) #C69509

Conn 8D used horn for sale
Used Horns for sale by Conn model 8D
Price: $3,900.00

The mark of a good playing horn can often be determined by how much it has been played and this 8D spent many hours on the stage.  The valve compression (never rebuilt) is a 2.9.  The horn is all original with the exception of the conversion to a detachable bell with a Lawson/Alexander bell ring.  Over the years it has suffered the usual dings and has lost almost all of it's lacquer.  The leadpipe receiver is slightly damaged, though the leadpipe inside is smooth and straight.  The Reunion Blues Leather Det. Bell Case is included and allows for easy flying.

Conn 8D (Elkhart) 783000

Conn 8D Elkhart 700,000 series
Used Conn Horns for sale
Price: $3,300.00

This 700,000 series 8D is in all original condition.  This horn is registering a 3.5 on the compression testing machine (8 is the worse possible score).  It's full of dings and dents throughout  the bell and bell tail but it could become quite a 'classic' horn.  The leadpipe and valve sections are in fine shape.  The horn is retained most of the lacquer on the body, though much of the bell section has wear on it. 

Large fixed bell case included