Schmiedhauser M1 Double #17110


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Schmiedhauser MB
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I love when horn makers get creative.  This is the new M1 from Marc Schmiedhauser in Germany.  The patented valve design is the first thing that catches one's eye, and then the quality and level of detail makes you smile and want to play this amazing horn.  It's made of lacquered yellow brass with a detachable bell (Alexander/Lawson ring).  The compression reads 0.4 (FABULOUS).  What stood out to me when I played this horn was the power of the sound.  You can REALLY push this horn and it keeps going.  This is an amazing orchestral instrument.
Here's a blurb from the maker's website about this model:
The name stands for a design of brilliant simplicity and aesthetics with an unmistakable look for those who love the extraordinary. In the mid-1980's, professional horn player and instrument developer Michael McElhinney invented and patented a horn switching valve. My enthusiasm for his idea and enthusiasm made me ask him if we could build a horn together. After two years of intensive work, this had taken shape and sound. An instrument with easy response, very good intonation and excellently adaptable for your own sound ideal.


Blue 'Bags' detachable case included