Schmidt (customized) Double (7534 on piston)


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Schmid Double LT
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Schmidt horns, though made in Germany, have been part of the American music scene for over 100 years.  They were found in many of the top American orchestras and are still in use today.  This is a customized double - with a detachable leadpipe system and a duck's foot.  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass.  The high Bb is solid (a flaw found on many other Schmidts - but not this one!).  There are many patches and protective guards throughout the horn, most notably on the bell tail and the first branch.  I am not certain if the bell is original as there is no discernable engraving but it does look age appropriate.  The compression is 5.9 but the horn does play quite well.

Marcus Bonna MB7 case included.