Schmidt (C.F.) Weimar #4523


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Schmidt #4523 MH
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I have seen hundreds of Schmidt horns pass through my shop (and I've owned one myself!).  This one has one of the most solid high registers I've ever encountered.  You gotta try it!  This horn is nearing 100 years old.  It has been played a LOT and that is a sign of a good instrument.   It's made of unlacquered yellow brass with an aftermarket detachable bell conversion.  The piston has been replaced with a new assembly sold by Steve Lewis.  The custom leadpipe gives this horn a stability in the high range that is phenomenal.  At some point in time this horn probably passed through Geyer's shop as determined by the silver plating on the inside of the flare (something he often did).  A serial number, 4523, has been stamped in the flare.  I am assuming that the patches (mostly on the bottom of the bell tail, though there are a few others in the 'usual' places) are due to some former damage, but given they're right before the bell ring, they don't affect the playability of the classic horn. The compression registers 4.5 but the horn plays amazingly despite this.
Blue Marcus Bonna MB3 case included.