Schmid Triple Horn F/Bb/Eb


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Schmid Triple 13073 WP
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Engelbert Schmid transformed the horn world with his introduction of the High Eb triple horns.  That slightly longer tubing on the descant side helps create a more 'normal' high horn sound, and there are only a couple of notes that need different fingerings way up there!
This horn was professionally owned and maintained by a well known New England soloist.  If you are a horn enthusiast (as you must be if you're reading this!) then you have most likely heard recordings  with this horn!  It is sporting a hand hammered medium flare with an engraved garland.   The lacquer has some wear and there are a few minor dings along with a couple tiny dots of dezincification, but due to having just been cleaned it is now ready to go.  The compression is PERFECT at  0.1.  This horn sits in Bb thus it is Bb/F/High Eb and has an adjustable flipper and fingerhook.
A very high end horn for a great price.
No case included.