Schmid Triple (F/Bb/F) #15153


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Schmid Triple TB 15153
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This is an AMAZING package.  You'll be getting a High F triple horn by Engelbert Schmid with 3 (!!) flares:

1. Medium Hand Hammered with Garland

2. Medium Spun with Garland

3. Medium spun Sterling Silver with Garland.

This horn also has had the standard waterkeys removed and replaced with Joy Keys (no more pesky emptying out of your horn).  It's in great shape with only minor dings here and there and some lacquer wear inside the flare.
You also get a Leather Marcus Bonna backpack case AND a double bell case by Bonna.

All of this for a fraction of the original cost.  The compression machine can not be used over the entire horn due to the Joy Keys - but the individual valves all measured less than 1.5.  

A rare package at a great price!