Schmid Eb Triple (F/Bb/Eb) #18144


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Schmid triple 18144 LH
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This is a professionally owned and maintained High Eb triple horn by Engelbert Schmid.  It has amazing ease of playing - partially due to the fact that the compression is near perfect (0.2) across 7 valves!!  Having a high Eb descant means that the horn has a darker sound than a standard High F.  This horn is made of lacquered yellow brass - but due to the fact that it has been sitting unplayed for a bit (the owner retired) the lacquer has discolored in places and/or is coming off.  This, in no way, affects how the horn plays, just how it looks.  This model would cost well over 16K at current prices - and that is before customs and shipping charges!
This is a truly professional instrument looking for the right player.  PLUS it also includes a 2nd medium spun flare!

MB1 case included (older model).