Schmid Double #21034


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Schmid Double #21034 JS
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You're looking at a gorgeous Engelbert Schmid double.  Made of lacquered yellow brass this horn has all sorts of high end options, from the engraved garland on the bell, to the Schmid flipper and 2 Joy Keys PLUS it also has the extra lever to set the horn in F if so desired (currently sitting in Bb).  All this, PLUS an MB5 case and GREAT compression (1.3 over 5 valves).  Oh, and there's the sterling silver leadpipe as well!  So many goodies!  
It's in stunning condition.

If added up separately this horn would cost close to $14,000!!
Ultra-light and nimble.  Purchased from the factory (hand picked) in Germany and hand carried back.

Marcus Bonna MB5 included