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Sansone Bb with F ext. and Stopping Valve #844


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Sansone #844 WL
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Most of the Sansone horns that pass through my shop are worn out.  They were great players at one time but have been used up and never rebuilt.  This one has been in storage for a long time and has GREAT compression (1.6 across 5 rotors!) and it plays great as a result.  The price is amazing - this is what you would expect to pay for a used Bb from Yamaha or King - but this is a hand made horn from the mid 20th century built in NYC.

It's all original and made of lacquered yellow brass.  There is a stopping valve AND an F extension valve so that you have the full range of a double horn without the extra weight.

This is a collectible horn which happens to play great.  Minor dngs here and there.

Fixed bell case included.