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Rauch Descant Horn #172 JO


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Rauch Descant Horn #172 JO
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In all my years in this business I have never seen a descant horn made by Dan Rauch.  This one is stunning, both visually and aurally.  It has the (very) needed stopping valve, a detachable flare, and 5 Joy Keys (no more emptying those amado waterkeys!).  Rauch horns are the most desirable horns on the market.  This one is made of unlacquered yellow brass, It has a detachable flare (lawson ring) and a gold brass flare.  The design is very similar to an Alexander 107.  This horn is in spectacular condition (it IS unlacquered so there is tarnish - but that is always expected)

A blue Hoyer detachable bell case is included if desired.