Marcus Bonna Case - MB5, MB5L & MB5 Compact High

  • French Horn Case; Marcus Bonna; MB5; Wine
  • French Horn Case; Marcus Bonna; MB5; Leather Black
  • French Horn Case; Marcus Bonna; MB5; Large Black
  • French Horn Case; Marcus Bonna; MB5; Compact High; Black
  • French Horn Case; Marcus Bonna; MB5 and MB5L; Large; Black; Purple; Trim
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MB5: Detachable Bell Horn Case. The MB5 is one of the two standard flight cases (the other is the MB7). It's features include a detachable horn case for travelling as a hand luggage (flight case) with place for two mutes (mutes are not included). This model is available in two different sizes. Including: two backpack straps, mouthpiece pouch (for three mouthpieces).

MB5XL: This case is the same basic design as the Marcus Bonna MB5 except that it has a slightly wider area for the bodies of Schmidt and Geyer wrapped horns. The MB5XL also includes room for two mutes. Don't settle for one of those poorly made copies, purchase an Original Marcus Bonna Horn Case! This case will fit all horns except for some of the more esoteric McCracken models.

MB5 Compact High: Similar to the MB5C, this model has slightly wider dimensions (listed below). As with all of Marcus's cases this is a backpack model. It is made of ballistic nylon cordura with a fiberglass shell. It has room for two mutes and all your other horn goodies.

Cost: $525.00 (+100$ for Leather Case)

Please note that if your horn is a Geyer or Schmidt wrap you will need the MB5L sized case.

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List price: $525.00
Price: $525.00
Weight: 12 lb
Dimensions: 24 in × 16 in × 12 in