Yamaha Rotor Valve String YAC 080000

  • Yamaha Rotor Valve String YAC 080000
Price: $3.99

The Yamaha French Horn String is a yellow rotor string for maintaining the French horn or the rotor valve on the trombone.

It matches your eyes!

Yamaha Rotor Spindle Oil (Synthetic) YAC 1013P

  • Yamaha Spindle Oil YAC 1013P for rotary valves.  Bearing Oil
Price: $9.99

Yamaha's sythetic line of valve oils last a LONG time.  Compare them to your favorite oil and see which one works the longest.  This bottle of synthetic Spindle Oil (also known as Bearing Oil) has an extended tip so you can get the drops exactly where you want them to be.  Used on all rotary valves spindles (outside the instrument by the bumpers and under the valve caps). 8ml.

Yamaha Premium Slide Grease YAC1011P

  • Yamaha Premium Slide Grease YAC1011P
Price: $3.99

Yamaha YAC 1011P Slide grease, 0.15 oz. Yamaha Slide Grease is delivered in a convenient twist-top stick applicator. This premium slide grease brings Yamaha quality to your musical instrument tuning slide maintenance.


No sticky fingers!

Yamaha Lever Oil YAC 1014P

  • Yamaha Lever Oil YAC 1014P
Price: $9.99

They Yamaha YAC1014P is Lever Oil designed to help keep your levers moving freely. Yamaha Lever Oil is delivered in a leakproof plastic bottles for clean - easy application to your musical instrument.

Yamaha Leadpipe Swab for Horn YSW 1163P

  • Yamaha Leadpipe Swab YSW 1163P
Price: $6.99

The Yamaha leadpipe swab differs from other leadpipe cleaning 'systems' in that it is not a brush.  This swab consists of tiny balls which are fed through the leadpipe and then pulled out the far end followed by the cleaning 'swab' cloth.

This does a fabulous job!

Yamaha Brass Soap

  • Yamaha Brass Soap
Price: $11.99

Do you remember that news story about the trombonist who kept getting sick?  Eventually it was traced back to his trombone - which was filthy inside.  Keep your horn clean and your health safe!
Yamaha Brass Soap safely removes tarnish, beautifies, and protects your instrument.   110ML bottle.

Warburton - P.E.T.E., Personal Embouchure Training Device

  • Warburton - P.E.T.E. Plastic
  • Warburton - P.E.T.E. Silver
Price: $34.50

Warburton P.E.T.E. Personal Embouchure Training Device
The Warburton P.E.T.E., Personal Embouchure Training Device, is an isometric trainer for your embouchure that directly targets the exact muscles that tire toward the end of a performance.

Warburton - Buzzard Buzz Enhancer

  • Warburton - Buzzard Buzz Enhancer
Price: $24.95

The Buzzard - A buzz enhancer for brass players. Made of tough delrin plastic.

Warburton - Anti Pressure Exerciser

  • Warburton Anti Pressure Exerciser
Price: $49.95

Horn players know this story all too well. To get those high notes there is a natural tendency to push the mouthpiece hard against the chops. Often times too hard to the point where you regret it later. Players know that more mouthpiece pressure can help to support weak or tired chops in order to continue playing. The downside is that too much pressure against the lips prevents proper blood flow and you wear out even faster and finally it's game over until you've had plenty of time to rest.

Cost: $49.95

Visualizer Cut Away Type

  • Visualizer - Cut Away Type!
Price: $34.95

Similar to a 'Berp' this visualizer is a horn mouthpiece with a cut-away cup so one can buzz quietly in a performance stance. Also this can be used to see your embouchure. Can be held in your hand, or inserted into your horn mouthpipe.

Cost: $34.95

Valve Springs (Fits All Makes)

  • Valve Springs (Fits All Makes)
Price: $4.50

Replacement valve springs for levers 1-3 that fits all makes. These are the same springs that I use on every horn that passes through my shop. Trim spring legs after installation. 

Cost: $4.50

The Horn Visualizer

  • The Horn Visualizer
Price: $28.95

The Horn Visualizer allows a teacher or student to observe the action of the lips clearly. This is both a good teaching tool and can be useful for buzzing practice without the mouthpiece. New model with all metal construction. 

Cost: $28.95

Superslick Brasswind Mouthpiece Brush - $1.60

  • Mouthpiece Brush
Price: $1.60

The Superslick Brasswind Mouthpiece Brush will help you keep your mouthpiece clean and free of build-up. $1.60

Snark SN-2 Tuner

  • Snark SN-2 Tuner
  • Snark SN-2 Tuner
Price: $16.95

Tuners have come way down in price and way up in terms of what you can do with them. Clip this tuner onto any place on your horn and play away. Great tool for teaching or even to use while performing.

Here's the specs:

Simichrome Polish

  • Simichrome Polish
Price: $7.95

Simichrome Polish is the only polish that I use or recommend. If you feel that you have to have a shiny horn - this is the stuff. This German made polishing paste works on all unlacquered brass and nickel horns.

1.76-oz Tube (as pictured).

Cost: $7.95

REKA-DES Cleaning Solution (For Use w/REKA Kit)

  • REKA-DES Cleaning Solution (For Use w/REKA Kit)
Price: $5.60

To clean the grunge out, disinfect, and remove mineral deposits, we recommend soaking the REKA snake's rubber sponge in REKA-DES before cleaning. This special soap mixture can also be used in the water of an instrument bath.

Cost: $5.60

REKA Valve Oil

  • REKA Valve Oil
Price: $6.05

REKA valve oil (for piston valves) is also an important component of the REKA product line. It is distinguished by: long service life, excellent saliva compatibility, good thermal properties, good suitability also for rotary valves, agreeable smell, a galvanic protection component, a re-oiling effect, and slow evaporation.

Cost: $6.05

REKA French Horn Cleaning Kit

  • REKA French Horn Cleaning Kit
Price: $14.95

Unique cleaning 'snake' from the REKA company of Mannheim, Germany. Cleans more thoroughly than traditional snakes. Pulls sediment all the way through the outer slide. Kit also includes a mouthpiece brush and a straight cleaning rod for cleaning inside slide tubes. This kit can be used either with soapy water, or with the specially formulated REKA-DES cleaning solution.

Cost: $14.95

REKA Bearing Oil

  • REKA - Bearing Oil
Price: $5.60

REKA rotor oil is a very high-grade lubricant delivered with a needle applicator to allow precise and economical use on rotary valve bearings. Optimal lubrication. Good adhesion (retention). Good creeping qualities. Non-resin-forming. Precision applicator. 

Cost: $5.60

Qwik Time QT5 Metronome

  • Qwik Time QT5 Metronome
Price: $9.95

A very small metronome. Will fit in your pocket or any instrument case. Size: 2" x 3"x 1/4". A display screen displays the tempo, a black dot that swings from side to side with the beat, and a display that will display the accenting of the beats on 2/4, 3/4, and 4/4. Tempos can be chosen from 40 to 250 in one beat increments. The sound is a beep that can be turned off. The metronome is held upright with a stand that swings out from the back. Tempo markings are on the face. Battery (watch battery) is included, with an instruction sheet. One year warranty.

Cost: $9.95

Pope's Piss - Valve Oil

  • Pope's Piss - Valve Oil
Price: $4.25

Pope's Piss Valve Oil. I've been threatening this for years! This is my own valve oil - not synthetic, lasts long, works great and will make you smile. I guarantee you'll like it - or a full refund will be issued! 2-fl. Oz. As my friend and fellow hornist Fred Aldrich says: 'Pope's Piss is THE Shi#'.

Cost: $4.25

Personalized 'Piss' Oil: Your Name On The Bottle!

Price: $4.25

Yes, you read correctly! What you get is a bottle of 'Pope's Piss' valve oil, without the 'Pope'. This is a premium valve oil that works great on rotary and piston instruments. After placing the order be certain to include a note telling me whose name you'd like on the bottle. Be creative - it can be a last or first name, or even a nickname! Get one for your teacher!

Cost: $4.25

Pencil Clip

  • Pencil Clip
Price: $1.95

Every horn play should have at least one - and this product ensures that. An order is one clip.

Cost: $1.95

Neotech Brass Wrap Handguard For Horn

  • Neotech Brass Wrap Handguard For Horn
Price: $6.45

Neotech French Horn Brass Wrap Neotech's French Horn Brass Wrap ™. Great for marching bands or for performers who play in long gigs. The Neoprene Brass Wrap™ fits snugly on your French horn so that you get a firm and comfortable grip while protecting the finish from hand moisture and oils. The non-slip backing keeps your Brass Wrap securely in place while velcro fasteners allow for quick and easy removal for cleaning or storage. The ultra-comfortable pad reduces grip-fatigue and makes playing for long periods a pleasure, not a pain.

Music Wind Clip (See Through)

  • Music Wind Clip (See Through)
Price: $7.95

Music Clip, transparent - wood & plexiglass. This Sheet Music clip is for holding music flat to the music stand during outdoor performances when breezes can be a problem. Two-piece design uses a spring-loaded wooden back and lever with a clear plexiglass screen. Overall dimensions are 9.5" long x 1/2" wide. Plexiglass portion is 6.5" long.

Cost: $7.95

Mighty Bright - XtraFlex Super LED Light Stand

  • Mighty Bright XtraFlex Super LED Light Stand
Price: $14.99

An extremely flexible LED light for your music stand or low light situations backstage. Position in any direction imaginable: self standing or clip to any surface.

Cost: $14.99

Mighty Bright - XtraFlex Duet II Super LED

  • Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet II Super LED
Price: $33.95

Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet II Super LED Spot Light (Battery Powered)

With the same functional design as it's little brother the Duet II was born out of necessity for an even brighter, whiter and more versatile light. The ideal task light for large music stands, sound techs, backstage areas or recording studios. The Duet II accomplishes its mission – providing double the bright, white, LED light of the original Duet and offering more versatility with its AC adaptability.

Mighty Bright - Duet LED

  • Mighty Bright Duet LED
Price: $24.95

Mighty Bright XtraFlex Duet LED Music Stand Light.

The XtraFlex Duet LED Music Stand Light is the first music stand light with fully adjustable goosenecks to cover two pages. The Duet is already used internationally by professional musicians. Best of all the LED lights never need changing.

Cost: $24.95

Matrix MR-500 Quartz Metronome

  • Matrix MR-500 Quartz Metronome
Price: $17.95

Matrix MR-500 Quartz Metronome. Matrix has built its reputation on economical alternatives to higher-priced models. The MR500 Quartz Metronome features an easy-to-use dial, A440 reference pitch, 40-208 BPM tempo range, LED display, and a personal earphone.

Cost: $17.95

Leather Specialties Universal Handguard Lace Up Model

  • French Horn; Hand Guard; Leather Specialties
Price: $23.00

The Universal Handguard covers the two or three tubes portion of the lead pipe section that your left hand grips. Most French Horn Guards have a slot for the stock finger hook so you can position the guard in its proper place. It is made of the finest quality American leather and of course has our Tripotec Layering System to keep the finish clean and protected from moisture and acids. All guards are handmade here at the shop and inspected before we package them to insure we maintain the high quality our customers are used to in Leather Specialties Guards.  - Leather - Black

Leather Specialties Horn Holding Strap (Velcro)

  • Leather Specialties Horn Holding Strap (Velcro)
Price: $23.00

The velcro horn strap by Leather Specialties is for the player who wants to try a hand strap without marring the finish of their horn. The Clebsch and Alexander Straps both require soldering an 'anchor' on to the horn. This is an inexpensive way to see if this is the route for you to take. Try one of these before you solder on a duckfoot or a permanent hand strap.

Cost: $23.00

Leather Specialties Hand Guards

  • Leather Specialties Hand Guards
Price: $23.00

This is the only model of handguards that I carry in my shop - and there is a good reason why. The are made of the finest glove leather and have that all-important layer of plastic fabric between layers to keep persipartion from coming in contact with you horn. How many old Conn 8-d's have you seen with deep pitting? That is from sweat coming in contact with the nickel where the lacquer was chipped or worn. Handguards for almost all models in stock.


Cost: $23.00

Leadpipe Cap

  • Leadpipe Cap
Price: $1.00

Plastic leadpipe cap which keeps foreign matter from getting into your mouthpipe and which keeps water from seeping out of the horn and wrecking your case. Good investment for only a buck.

Joy Key - Water Wick Replacement Kit

  • Joy Key Water Wick Replacement Kit
Price: $19.95

Use these when you need to replace the Water Wick in your JoyKey. Water Wicks usually last three to four months. It will be time to change it when you notice yourself emptying water through your slides. Each pack contains two Water Wicks and an O-ring. Instructions are on the back.

Cost: $19.95

Joy Key - Water Key

  • JOY Key (Water key)
Price: $45.00

JoyKeys function automatically and have no moving parts. The JoyKey case is made of solid nickel silver. The water rings and screw caps are interchangeable.

Hetman - Slide Grease (#8)

Price: $5.95

Hetman Slide Grease (#8). A long-lasting slide lubricant of heavier consistency, this premium slide grease keeps slides airtight and moving smoothly. Packaged in 10-cc jars.

Cost: $5.95

Hetman - Slide Gel Light (#6.5)

  • Hetman - Slide Gel Light (#6.5)
Price: $5.95

Hetman Slide Gel Light (#6.5). For extra tight slides, or new horns.

A high viscosity synthetic lubricant for close fitting tuning slides. Provides long lasting seal and firm slide "feel/pull". Will not bunch up in slide tube ends. Adhesive formula protects against corrosion and wear. May be used together with A14-MW50 (7) Slide Gel. 30-ml bottle, with dropper tip (1 fl. oz.).

Cost: $5.95

Hetman - Slide Gel (#7)

Price: $5.95

Hetman Slide Gel (#7). Tuning Slide Grease.

SLIDE-GEL™ - This special tuning slide lubricant provides long-lasting seal and firm slide motion. A premium, hi-viscosity product that will not bunch-up in the ends of slide tubes. Adhesive formulation protects slides against corrosion and wear. Packaged in 22-ml bottles with special dropper tip applicator.

Cost: $5.95

Hetman - Rotor Oil (#12)

  • Hetman - Rotor Oil (#12)
Price: $5.95

Hetman Rotor Oil (#12) - Designed for Horns with average valve clearances.

Rotor Lubricants: Hetman® Synthetic Rotor Lubricants provide for long-lasting rotary valve performance. These lubricants will protect rotors and valve casings against corrosion and wear while improving valve seal. Hetman® Synthetic Rotor Lubricants will not swell rubber bumpers or damage plastic components. The 22-ml long-tipped precision needle oiler facilitates application through the slide tubes. 

Cost: $5.95

Hetman - Medium Bearing & Linkage Oil (#13.5)

Price: $5.95

Hetman Medium Bearing & Linkage Oil (#13.5).

Cost: $5.95

Hetman - Light Rotor Oil (#11)

  • Hetman - Light Rotor Oil (#11)
Price: $5.95

Hetman Light Rotor Oil (#11). For horns with very tight valves.

Rotor Lubricants: Hetman® Synthetic Rotor Lubricants provide for long-lasting rotary valve performance. These lubricants will protect rotors and valve casings against corrosion and wear while improving valve seal. Hetman® Synthetic Rotor Lubricants will not swell rubber bumpers or damage plastic components. The 22-ml long-tipped precision needle oiler facilitates application through the slide tubes. 

Cost: $5.95

Hetman - Light Bearing & Linkage Oil (#13)

  • Hetman - Light Bearing & Linkage Oil (#13)
Price: $5.95

Hetman Light Bearing and Linkage Oil #13. For valves with close tolerances (typically new instruments).

Hetman - Bearing and Linkage Oil (#14)

  • Hetman - Bearing and Linkage Oil (#14)
Price: $5.95

Hetman Bearing and Linkage Oil (#14). For valves with standard bearing tolerances.

Hetman - Ball Joint Oil (#15)

  • Hetman - Ball Joint Oil
Price: $5.95

Hetman - Ball Joint Oil (Hetman #15) for mechanical linkage joints.

Cost: $5.95

Hercules Horn Stand

  • Hercules Horn Stand
Price: $35.95

A safe resting place for your French horn. The Hercules DS550B French Horn Stand features specially formulated foam (SFF) rubber on the yokes and backrest to protect your French Horn's finish. Three quick locking pins on the base snap your stand together quickly and securely. Simply push down on the pins for packing. The all-in-one design folds up compactly for storage and transport. Hercules Stands DS550B French Horn Stand features all-in-one design, quick locking pins, specially formulated foam on the yokes and backrest. Weight: 2.1 lbs. (0.9kg) Folded size: 11" x 3.7" (270 x 95mm).

Herco - Spitballs

  • Herco - Spitballs
Price: $4.20

Herco Spitballs. The amazing cleaning discs for brass instruments. Specially treated moist foam Spitballs are blown through the horn to give instantaneous cleaning. Spitballs are used for Trumpet, Cornet, French horn, and small-bore Trombones.

Cost: $4.20

Herco - Cleaning Snake (All Metal)

  • Herco - Cleaning Snake (All Metal)
Price: $5.99

People have been asking for an alternative to the vinyl snake (which does not feature a metal snake throughout it's length) and thus I've started to carry the ol' standby - the Herco HE75 snake. I used one for decades. They're inexpensive, they do the job and you don't have to worry about leaving the brush ends stuck inside your horn.

Cost: $5.99

H.W. Brass-Saver - Snake (2)

  • H.W. Brass-Saver - Snake (2)
Price: $15.99

H.W. Brass-Saver® sets have revolutionized the way brass players clean corrosive mineral deposits from the inside of their horns. These amazing brushes can be used wet or dry, they won't get stuck and unlike the traditional snake they contain no metal so they will not scratch. Their unique design is so flexible they reach parts of the horn previously unaccessible. For a consistent sound use the H.W. Brass-Saver® set; the ultimate cleaning system for your brass instrument.

Cost: $15.99

FAXX - Lever Soft Pads (Set Of 3)

  • FAXX - Lever Soft Pads (Set Of 3)
  • FAXX - Lever Soft Pads (Set Of 3)
Price: $8.99

These are preformed soft pads to keep your fingers from slipping. They slip over the end of your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd valve lever tips. Sold in sets of 3. They can be installed with two different height options.

Cost: $8.99

Fat Cat Slide Grease

  • Fat Cat Slide Grease
Price: $3.50

Fat Cat Tuning Slide Grease is a silky smooth synthetic grease for all brass instrument tuning slides. Long-lasting.

Cost: $3.50

Fat Cat Slide Creme

  • Fat Cat Slide Creme
Price: $3.50

Fat Cat Slide Creme is a great tuning slide and cork grease that is non-toxic and odorless. You'll love it.

Cost: $3.50

Fat Cat Oil Large (8oz)

  • Fat Cat Oil - Large (8oz)
Price: $11.95

Fat Cat Oil, Large (8oz) - for those who oil their valves as often as they should. Fat Cat Instrument Oil is a ultra-refined, non-toxic, odorless oil for all music brass instrument valves, rotors and pistons.

Cost: $11.95

Fat Cat Oil (2oz)

  • Fat Cat Oil (2oz)
Price: $3.50

Fat Cat Instrument Oil is a ultra-refined, non-toxic, odorless oil for all music brass instrument valves, rotors and pistons. Sold in a 2oz. unbreakable bottle with a precision dropper tip. 

Fat Cat Kit (Oil & Grease)

  • Fat Cat Kit (Oil & Grease)
Price: $4.55

Fat Cat Oil Kit, includes grease and oil. 

Cost: $4.55

Fat Cat High Viscosity Bearing Oil

  • Fat Cat; Fat Cat High Viscosity; Fat Cat V; Oil; Bearing; Lubricant
Price: $5.60

This is a slightly thicker, non-toxic, odorless oil that is perfect for french horn bearings and linkage. It is also a great oil for older valves that are not tight. $5.60.

Etymotic - Ear Plugs

  • Etymotic - Ear Plugs
  • Etymotic - Ear Plugs
Price: $12.95

When I was subbing with the BSO I noticed many of the players were using these plugs - and they are an absolute necessity. Here's some info on them: 

High-Fidelity Earplugs

ETY•Plugs™ are the world’s highest fidelity non-custom earplugs. They reduce most noise to safe levels while preserving the clarity of speech and the richness of music. ETY•Plugs are configured to replicate the natural response of the ear canal so that when sound enters the earplug, it is reproduced unchanged, exactly the same as the ear would hear it, only quieter.

Duerk - Slide Locks

  • Duerk (Dürk) - Slide Locks
Price: $15.00

Slide locks for all horns. Fits Engelbert Schmid and all smaller diameter tubing. Machined from a single piece.

Cost: $15.00

Duerk - Flipper/Handrest

  • Duerk - Flipper/Handrest
Price: $75.00

Duerk single screw style Flipper/Duckfoot with allen wrench. 

Cost: $75.00

Duerk - Adjustable Fingerhook

  • Duerk - Adjustable Fingerhook
Price: $75.00

Single screw style adjustable fingerhook with allen wrench. 

Cost: $75.00

Donaldson - Horn Accessory Shelf

  • Donaldson Horn Accessory Shelf
Price: $60.00

Made exclusively for horn players this hand made accessory shelf caters to all a horn player's needs. It's got two hide-a-way mute clips (they slip under the shelf if you don't need one or either of them), it's got storage for your 3 pencils (one for marking music, one for your crossword puzzles, and one to lend to the 3rd hornist). It's felt covered wooden shelf protects everything you set there - your slides, your mouthpieces, it's truly a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship. Lastly the attachment mechanism for the stand is extremely well thought out.