Al Cass 'Fast' Oil

Al Cass 'Fast' Oil
Price: $4.95

Al Cass Fast Oil - the industry standard!

Alexander Adjustable Fingerhook

Price: $65.00

Adjustable Fingerhook (3 dimension adjustments possible). made in Germany. Needs to be soldered onto your horn by a competent technician.

Alexander Duckfoot/Flipper Crossbar

Alexander Duckfoot/Flipper Crossbar
Price: $15.00

Replacement crossbar for Alexander style Flippers. Remember, when using an Alexander style flipper to only tighten the screws to the point that the flipper does not slide forward or backward. If done properly these will NOT break!

Alexander Flipper or Duckfoot

Flipper, or Duckfoot for Horn (Alexander)
Price: $65.00

The flipper by which all others are measured by! Alexander manufactures this fully adjustable left hand aid - which takes the weight of the horn off of the pinky finger. This allows far more dexterity of the fingers. Note: This item needs to be soldered on to the horn by a qualified technician. One Caveat: Only tighten the screws far enough that the flipper does not slip up or down. If over tightened you can break the top part of the clamp.

Alexander Hand Strap for Horn

Alexander Hand Strap for Horn
Price: $60.00

Made of very fine rolled glove leather these hand straps are unbelievable comfortable on you hand. Extra eyelets allow for adjusting the strap to the correct tightness on your hand. This is the only make of permanent strap that fits on Schmidt and some Alexander horns. $60.00 In Stock

Alexander Pressure Trainer for Horn

Pressure Trainer for Horn
Price: $109.95

Manufactured by Alexander - I call this product a necessary 'torture device' for learning how to play in the upper register without excessive pressure. When the player pushes too hard the device releases the air out of a side chamber. You can adjust the spring inside so that it will release the air at different pressure levels. Be forwarned: If you set this device at a low setting - you will be tempted to throw your horn in frustration! (see the repair section of my website).


Bell Ring Set (Alexander/Lawson Threads)

Alexander - Lawson Bell Ring set for french horn; Bell Rings
Price: $90.00

Imported from Germany, the Alexander/Lawson Ringset is the standard in the horn world.  If you think you can cut your own bell, or have a technician who can do it for you, this is what you will need!  

French horn bell ring set to convert to detachable bell.

Biba - Band Instruments "Quick Fix" Repair Solutions

Biba - Band Instruments "Quick Fix" Repair Solutions
Price: $27.95

The next time you encounter a stuck trumpet mouthpiece, trombone hand slide trouble, or a fuzzy-sounding clarinet, skip the long drive to the repair shop and the associated service fees—and consult Band Instrument “Quick Fix” Repair Solutions instead. In an easy-to-follow and intuitively organized format, this manual provides essential repair techniques and instrument maintenance suggestions. Many repairs are so easy that you and even your students can perform them with basic knowledge and instruction.

BlowDry Brass

BlowDry Brass Maintenance Kit; BlowDry Brass Maintenance Kit
Price: $21.50

Made for musicians by a musician.  Everything needed to maintain a clean, pristine instrument & mouthpiece resides in this small pouch that easily fits into a gig bag for on the road and everyday practice sessions.

New & Revolutionary - BlowDry Brass dries out a CLEAN instrument & mouthpiece after use, thus KEEPING them CLEAN. This maintenance system eliminates the need to continually bathe your instrument, or use traditional brass cleaning products. Works for most small & medium bore instruments & associated mouthpieces (kit good for about 1 year).

Blue Juice - 2oz

Blue Juice - 2oz
Price: $3.99

Blue Juice Valve Oil (2oz) A light, fast, refined petroleum product especially effective on close-tolerance valves. What distinguishes this valve oil - aside from its distinctive blue coloring - is the anti-corrosion agent it contains for extra protection.