Paxman Model 10L #11876


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Paxman Model 10L #11876 DW
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A superb instrument customised by Luke Woodhead at Paxman Horns London Medium Bore Yellow Brass with Detachable Bell Bell Garland and engraved valve caps Custom valve levers with mechanical action B flat with stopping valve and 5th valve F extension This instrument has been played professionally since new and although not pristine in appearance, plays beautifully with a well focused and intense tone.  Professionally played in London for many years.
This horn covers all the bases - lightness due to being a 'single' Bb horn, but because it has the F extension the full range of the horn is available (pedal notes!), AND the stopping valve gives you the comfort of knowing you won't need to transpose when playing stopped, or, it can be used to put the horn in the key of A.  The compression of 5 valves is fabulous at 1.7.  The bell has a garland on it (I'm not certain of the make of the flare), and the horn has an Alexander ringset.
The horn is made of Red brass - the flare has no lacquer - and much of the body is missing the lacquer.  There is evidence of the modifications that were done at Paxman - but it's a stunning playing instrument.

Older Blue MB1 case included.