Paxman 80M Triple horn #7884

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Paxman 80M Triple horn #7884 RH
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I don't think there's a professional orchestra in the world where at least one of the players doesn't own either a Paxman triple, or a Paxman descant horn - and for good reason!  Paxman horns play AND sound great.  This 80M is an unlacquered yellow brass horn.  It's a compensatiing triple and thus is lighter than the model 70M.  The valves are ultra tight at 1.8 across 5 rotors.  The bell is a Lawson Ambronze flare (a $750 value) and the horn has been customized with the addition of the  flipper, a new change lever,  and lever pads.  All this AND a nice case by BAGS of Spain.
This is a professionally owned and maintained horn.  
There are the expected small dings, but NO thin spots or patches. This horn has its full life ahead of it.