Paxman 80M #2099


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Paxman 80M #2099 DW
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As someone who has been playing Paxman triple horns since 1983 I can attest to how amazing they are.  This outstanding horn was owned by the principal horn of one of the top 5 American orchestras.  He's retired from the orchestra and is divesting himself of his amazing instruments.
Odds are, you have probably heard this instrument!

This one is made of unlacquered yellow brass.  It is all original the the compression is amazing at 0.8 across 5 valve.  Basically - mechanically, it has ALL it's life ahead of it.  This thing was well taken care of.
The high F side means that you don't have to worry about those pesky quiet high entrances - ever again!
Truly a professional instrument - just ultrasonically cleaned and ready to go.

Includes a Paxman fixed bell case