Paxman 70XD #57914X

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Paxman 70XD #57914X MM
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This 70X from 1979 is in astounding condition.  First of all the compression across 5 valves registers 0.1!  That's a perfect score and almost never seen on a triple horn, let alone one from the 70's.  This triple is made of unlacquered nickel.  The 'X' bore (or 'Extra Large) was designed with the American horn playing sound in mind.  If you think that high F horns tend to sound too 'trumpety' - try an extra large bore.  It will change your mind.

Overall the horn is in great condition.  Very few dings, and I can see instances of minor solder adjustments (fingerhook).  It is all stock with the exception of the added Alexander flipper.
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