Paxman 70A #1724


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Paxman 70A 1724 LG
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This Paxman 70 triple horn with an "A" or American (XL) bore size is in great condition inside and out. It sits in B flat and the two thumb valves put it into either low or high F (though this can be adjusted). All parts are Paxman original, including an Alexander/Paxman bell ring set (bell is detachable), minibal mechanical linkage for the levers, spit valve off the leadpipe, and a soldered-on pinky hook. Compression in the valves reads at 2.2, which is really good for a horn with 5 valves. It is made of lacquered nickel silver and is starting to have some light lacquer deterioration, but no dents or scratches on it. The horn comes with a Bags detachable bell horn case (similar style to an MB9).