Paxman 60MYD #1100 Bb/Bb soprano


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Paxman 60M 1100 SR
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The model 60 is a very specialized instrument.  It sits in Bb and has a Bb soprano (not an F soprano!).  Perfect for playing those ultra high Haydn symphonies or much of the modern music we see today.  Most of these are owned by professionals in top orchestras.
This one is made of lacquered yellow brass and is in all original condition with the exception of the Duerk finger hook.  The compression is PERFECT at 0,1.  There are only a few tiny dings, and lacquer wear (it has been spot lacquered where the fingerhook was soldered, but it is visible).  The did not make many of these!

Blue Paxman fixed bell case included.  Professionally owned and maintained.