Paxman 40EGD #3357T


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Paxman 45E 3357T AM
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This is a dual bore model 45 descant (Bb/High F).  It is the 'European' bell sized (think Alexander) and is made of lacquered Gold/Red brass with the more expensive titanium valve option.  The nice thing about this combination of red brass and the European bell throat is that the high F side sounds gorgeous.  Often times descant horns can sound too strident - not this one! 
There are lots of dings and scratches in the bell, but nothing that detracts from how it plays.  The stopping valve means no more transposing AND you get to play those stopped notes in tune.
You've got Shostakovich 5 coming up?? - this is the answer to your high blood pressure.
Recently cleaned and ready to go.  The compression is almost perfect at 0.3, so this horn has it's entire life ahead of it.
Paxman fixed bell case included.