Paxman 25AD #3380


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Paxman 25A 3380 JS
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If you haven't already listened to the London Horn Sound - go do it now.  You'll see why Paxman horns are desired around the globe.  The sound is unmistakable.  This is a lacquered 25A, that means it is a dual bore horn (the Bb side has a slightly smaller bore to ensure the same ease of playing as the longer F side of the horn).  The 'A' designation stands for 'American' - meaning the flare is slightly larger than the 25M to fit in with the American horn sound concept.
The fingerhook has been replaced with an adjustable Alexander hook (a $75 value), and other than that it is all original.  The compression is great at 1.6.
There are tiny dings as to be expected by professional use, and a few instances of lacquer wear - but nothing that affects the playability in any way.
Truly a professional horn - save a bundle over a new one! (Owner has retired from playing).
Marcus Bonna ultralight detachable bell horn case included.  (MBUL detachable)