Paxman 20X #27712X


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Paxman20X 27712X RB
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If you want to make a DARK sound this Gold brass 20X is the horn for you.  If you want to brighten it up a wee bit, this is STILL the horn for you because of the extra nickel flare.  It's kind of like having 2 horns in one.  This is an unlacquered Gold brass horn made in 1977.  The compression is still great at 1.0 and the horn has just been cleaned.  I don't think that there's a single professional orchestra in the world that doesn't have a Paxman somewhere in their stable.  This horn is in overall very good condition (yes, it's tarnished, but that's what happens with unlacquered horns).
Paxman detachable case included.