Paxman 20A #88711


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Paxman20A #88711 SN
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This horn is amazingly priced.  The owner of this horn toured with me for a few years and I became quite well acquainted with it's gorgeous sound.  It's a yellow brass, lacquered, detachable bell Paxman 20A (American). The 'A' means it's a large belled instrument akin to an 8D but easier to play and an amazing Paxman sound.  The horn has just been cleaned and is all ready to go AND it comes with a Marcus Bonna MB5 case.  The compression is 3.9.
There are lots of dings throughout this horn and there is evidence that the tail was once twisted and then expertly repaired (if I do say so myself! ;) ).  There are solder marks where there once was a flipper.
This horn is a steal.