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Paxman 20A 1179 BB
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Paxman horns are like 'Roy Kent'....They're here, They're there, They're Every (xxx) where!  (A reference to Ted Lasso).  The reason is that they simply sound and play amazingly.  This one is the American sized double made of unlacquered nickel.  It's all original and has an added Alexander hand strap.  The compression is perfect, and the horn plays great.  There are some small dings, but NO evidence of any former damage, - put your mouthpiece in it an PLAY!  The American bore is Paxman's answer to the Conn 8D, but it plays much easier, and in my opinion, it sounds WAAAAY better.  These horns are found in just about every major orchestra world wide.

Eastman fixed bell case included.