Patterson Full Triple #200-48


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Patterson Triple 200-48 RF
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Jim Patterson makes stunning horns.  Currently they're in use in some of the top NYC orchestra sections.  This one is an unlacquered yellow brass model with a medium large taper and a spun medium bell.  The compression is perfect at 0.1 which is no surprise since the horn is barely a year old.  Valves 1,2, and 3 are all hollow to make the horn more agile, and there is a lot of flexibility to allow the levers to be set in accordance with one's hands.  The leadpipe on the double side of the horn is the same length as a standard double which explains why it feels so familiar to play.  All tapered parts are seamed and hand hammered.  The overall weight of this magnificent horn is 6.48lbs.

All this PLUS a carbon fiber MB Baby 2 case!   
Skip the wait list - this is a professionally owned and maintained horn with no dents.