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Frédéric Duvernoy (1765-1838) was a respected virtuoso hornist and composer who lived in Classical Era Paris, continuing the line of revered French hornists that contributed to the name "French horn". He started out by playing in opera pits and worked his way up to senior horn professor of the Paris Conservatory in 1795, writing concerti, method books and various pieces that helped to establish the horn as a musical instrument. The public was so in love with Duvernoy's playing that his name appeared as the headline name on the flyers for an opera premiere.

One of Duvernoy's horns still exists to this day and is kept in the Lourve museum in Paris. After taking measurements and pictures, the seller of the natural horn you are looking at in the pictures took the specs to George McCracken in the hopes that he could recreate this piece of horn history. George did some amazing work and his result is here in the shop!

The horn and 6 crooks (G,F,E,Eb,D and C) are in excellent condition. They are all made of unlacquered yellow brass and come with a really nice hard case that will keep everything safe and organized. For anyone looking for a great playing natural horn or a piece of horn history, don't miss the chance to try this one out!