Lawson Fourier #1111


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Lawson Fourier #1111 K
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Once considered America's premier horn maker, Lawson Horns are getting harder and harder to come by.  Walt Lawson passed away in 2007 the year after he closed up shop.  At their peak, Lawson only made 17 horns a year - and they slaved over each instrument making them perfect.
This Fourier is made of nickel with an ambronze bell and tail. The leadpipe is their signature 210.175! The compression is fabulous (0.9).  This is a powerful horn with great brojection.  It has lots of lacquer wear and small dings throughout.  There is a protective guard on the top of the bell tail (where one typically rests their hands during those long Mahler rests!).  
The owner is wanting to sell it quickly thus the extreme low price.  Fourier models typically sell between $7000-$9000!

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