Lawson Fourier #1030


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Lawson fourier #1030 CP VB
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The Fourier model by Lawson was their 'flagship' model.  Fully made in American in the original Boonsboro shop few of them were made, and even fewer were like this one.  This one has a nickel body with an Ambronze tail and bell.  The valves have great compression (1.2) and despite the widespread lacquer wear (and some pitting inside the flare) the full integrity of the horn is there.  No thin spots (well, other than the change valve lever, but that's minor).  The leadpipe guard is in the process of being replaced (it did not wear into the leadpipe at all), and the original flipper is included.  These are serious horns with great carrying power.  It was used professionally in the NYC area and in Canada.  Professionally maintained.
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