Lawson Double Horn #1074


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Lawson Dbl 1074 PG
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Made in the original Boonsboro Lawson shop this lacquered brass double is gorgeous.  The artistry of Walter and Bruce Lawson is evident on this horn.  The soldering is perfect, the valves register 1.2 compression (after all these years!  That's better than many new instruments by certain famed German horn makers!).  It's all original with the B210.125 leadpipe - this horn makes a sound that carries!  It doesn't break up at loud volumes unlike most instruments.  This is a professional instrument by a famed maker - these are becoming rarer over the years.  This one  has some lacquer wear, and a few dings in the flare.  There is no evidence of any past damage.  It has been well maintained.  (the original flipper is missing)
Conn detachable bell case included.