Lawson Double #995

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Lawson Double #995 KG
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This Lawson double horn #995 is engraved with the initials: "WAL" on the bell tail!  These are Walter Lawson's initials, and that means that at some point in time this was his personal horn.  Lawson horns are gorgeously made.  At their peak they only made 17 per year so a LOT of time was spent on each one.  This one has a nickel body and an Ambronze flare and tail.  The compression is fabulous at 1.9.  The lacquer has worn throughout, but the horn is in otherwise very good condition and a hand strap has been added. Another great thing about this horn is that the proceeds of this sale go to benefit the Kendall Betts Horn camp.  Kendall, at one point in time, was so enamored with Lawson horns that he purchased the company from Walter when he retired.
Own a great piece of horn history and a great horn all while doing things to benefit the horn community.

BAGS dB case included