Kuhn 393X Triple Horn - $15500


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As the successor of the successful model W393 the W393X is one of our best selling horn models since its introduction. It has a separate crook for F alto part and is also playable in F/Bb/Eb alto with an additional Eb crook set. Depending on the sound the W393X is one of the best balanced triple horns available. The tone is fabulous across all dynamic variations. Playing the Bb part is like playing a double horn. You won't feel a difference! In the low range the F side has a powerful sound which will add depth and beauty to any section you would play in. You'll be amazed at the quality of the high F side of the horn as well.
  • Ccompact design, comfortable handling
  • F alto crook on leadpipe
  • With additional Eb-set playable in F/Bb/Eb alto
  • Full length of leadpipe in F/Bb part
  • Changeable between F/Bb and Bb/F
  • Individual lever mechanism possible
  • "...It plays like a double horn!"
  • Case is not included