Kuhn 293 #1591075 RM


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Kuhn 293 #1591075 RM
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Ricco Kuhn makes the most consistently high end horns of just about anyone.  Other makers are all in agreement at the high quality of his work and his designs.  The 293 is the flagship of the Kuhn line-up.  This one is made of lacquered yellow brass.  It's all original and has perfect compression (0.1).  This one has mechanical minibal linkages (very precise and efficient - no more broken strings).  There are some minor dings and lacquer scratches.  Also there are 2 spots which were soldered due to some shipping errors.  I have never met a Kuhn horn that didn't 'wow' me and this one is just like all the others.  It plays great - especially up high. Kuhn horns have just the right amount of resistance to keep a player from getting exhausted  when playing high. 
Find out why so many of these are in use in major orchestras world wide.
Carbon fiber case included.