Kruspe Bb w/stopping valve


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Kruspe Bb w/stopping valve CM
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I always get a bet excited when I open a case knowing there is a Kruspe horn in it.  They were such innovators and each one is a work of art.  I've never seen this model before.  It's a single Bb with a stopping valve - and what valves it has!  They are the largest diameter I've ever seen outside of the change valves on Alexander 103's.  The compression is a 5.4, but it still plays well.  I'm not at all familiar with the bell ring, it might have been made specifically for this horn (It's not original).  The tuning slide has been lengthened, and there is a secondary guard over the leadpipe (the pipe is original).  The bell is sturdy and does not have any thin spots.  The original tuning slide and a 2nd slide for the stopping valve are also included.

This horn has an interesting history.  Previously owned by David Kaslow who purchased it from Rudy Puletz.  He played principal horn in the Cleveland Orchestra from 1937-1941.

This is a true collectable.
Reunion Blues detachable bell gig bag included