Jupiter Single Horn #61395


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Jupiter Single CT
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The costs of starting a student on the horn can be daunting - especially when renting to own.  DON'T fall into that trap.  You will end up paying FAR more than that horn is worth.  Typical rental fees are about 65 per month - which makes this single F the equivalent of only 10 months of rental.
It plays fine - valves have perfect compression.  It does have some damage (visible in the photos) to the leadpipe - but it still plays fine.   Why spend a LOT on something that you will only sell in 2 or 3 years when it's time to move to a double.
This horn, by Jupiter, is made of lacquered brass.  It has nylon mechanical linkages (no broken strings!).  There is some evidence of dent removal on the bottom of the horn, and the aforementioned damage to the leadpipe - BUT, as I said, this horn plays fine.
You don't have to worry about that first ding - it's already there.
Jupiter Fixed bell case included.

(These horns list for over $3000 NEW!)