About Pope Instrument Repair

Pope Instrument Repair first opened its doors in 1989 in a small, damp corner of the basement at 80 Wenham Street in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. In the years since then it has grown to inhabit every inch of that 1300 square foot area, remodeled in 2002.  

Ken Pope has been repairing instruments since 1982, including 6 years as head technician at Osmun Brass (now Osmun Music). He is able to offer such services as valve rebuilding, custom horn manufacturing, leadpipe drawing, detachable bell conversions, overhauls, dent removal, valve service, ultrasonic cleaning, rotary valve manufacturing/replacement and custom modifications among other specialties.

Pope Instrument Repair is the largest source of used horns and is also a dealer of Ricco Kühn horns. Clients include musicians from all over the world and from many major orchestras and conservatories. Ken has found that he is somehow unaccountably popular in Singapore and Brazil . Customers are assured of the quality and integrity of the service because Ken is the only person to work with instruments. He is assisted by his wife Tess in the clerical arena while their Belgian Tervurens provide security and their 4 children provide amusement and exasperation. Our Family.

As a Hornist Ken still plays throughout the world with a diverse number of ensembles - from the Boston and Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestras to touring with Andrew Lloyd Webber  Some of his more notable achievements have been: Playing for the opening of the 2007 World Series!, Playing under the Eiffel Tower for the Millennium Concert (with the Combined forces of the Boston Symphony, Paris Conservatory Orchestra, Andrea Boccelli, and a large assortment of choruses). He also has had the honor of playing at Carnegie Hall with 3 different Orchestras in under 10 days! (Boston Symphony - Mahler 2, Pittsburgh Symphony - Rite of Spring, and the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra - Mahler 8).