Hoyer Single Bb with F extension and stopping valve.

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Hoyer Bb #18552M WL
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This Hoyer Bb has all the bells and whistles.  A built in F extension (no need to worry about playing those pedal notes!), a stopping valve (no need to worry about your transposition skills) and a Lawson/Alexander ring on the bell (no need to worry about getting this horn into a flight case!).  It's made of unlacquered yellow brass and with the exception of the 2 amado waterkeys and the detachable bell conversion, it is all original.  The compression is fabulous at 1.9 across 5 (!) valves.  This horn is ready to go.  It has small dings here and there, and lots of evidence of dent removal in the bell, but there are no thin areas and the adjustable linkages are nice and silent.
Fixed bell case included