Hoyer Single Bb with F ext. and stopping valve #2337505M


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HoyerBb 237505M WL
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Many people do not realize that Hoyer used to make a huge variety of instruments (rather than the 3 or 4 models they make today).  This is a single Bb horn with a built in F extension AND a stopping valve.  Basically - with these extras you have the entire range of the horn available to you.  Typically single Bb horns do not have the notes from low C# down to the pedal F#.  This horn is made of unlacquered brass and has perfect compression across all 5 valves.  This is a perfect horn to use in chamber music or in opera.  It's agile and has a great sound - the perfect compression means that it is efficient to play.  Someone has added a lyre holder which can be removed.  The minor wear is appropriate for its age but there are no thin areas and there is no evidence of any past damage.  
Fixed bell case is included.