Hoyer G10 #425284

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Hoyer G10 #425284 AR
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Many years ago Hoyer contacted me as they were just starting the design work on their G10 models. They purchased a Geyer horn in Europe and copied it to their best ability.  It's a wonderful playing horn and to this day horn players swear by them.
This one is made of lacquered yellow brass with a detachable bell.  An Alexander handstrap has been added ($50 value) AND the horn comes with a leather Ultralight Marcus Bonna case ($450 value).  This horn has excellent compression at 1.1.
The only 'negative' on this horn is that at some point in its history the bell became stuck and the owner twisted the bell tail.  It has been repaired, but it is still quite visible.  This does not affect the way the horn plays.  Other than that the horn is in fine shape.   It has string linkages, except for the change valve which is mechanical and can be set to sit in Bb.
Save a LOT over a new one!